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Welcome to
Cambridge Produce Brokers

One of the select few Fruit and Veg delivery services that have been established in Cambridge for over 40 years.

Here at CPB we’re proud of our roots and the fact that we are in the priviledged position to supply our community with fruit and veg, delivered almost as fresh as the moment it left the soil.

We’re able to achieve and maintain the quality of our fresh fruit and veg, much of which is sourced locally, then supplied and delivered through our efficient and secure cool chain delivery system.

  • Accredited and certified as suppliers of fresh and processed produce to the public sector
  • Approved contractor to the NHS and United States Airforce supply chain
  • Cool Chain delivery – from tiller to table
  • We offer R H & D Service.
  • Providers of fresh and pre-packed fruit and veg to a wide clientelle, from local eateries to supermarkets to fine dining establishments
  • 100% committed to sustainability
  • Fruit and veg sourced locally wherever possible
Cambridge Produce Fruit and veg delivery